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By now you've read other advertisements for Judgment Recovery books and courses. 

This book was written by a practicing Judgment Recovery Specialist and is packed with information that can teach you how to be successful in your Judgment Recovery business.

Unlike some other courses, the focus on this book is not to make you fast money, but consistent and long term money.  You want security for yourself and your family, and want a  lifetime source of income.  So, if you bought the book that will teach  you how to make big money in small claims, step up to the Guidebook that  will show you how to make money with all claims.

With over 30 years experience, the author wrote this Guidebook based on practical, as well as theoretical knowledge of judgment recovery, service of process and legal document preparation.


Order the Guidebook today and see what you've been missing with those other courses.

The Complete Judgment Recovery Guidebook 

With or Without an Attorney 

is available from:

500 N Estrella Pkwy #B2-441
Goodyear, AZ 85338 

(866) 648-6537 

Have you considered a career in Judgment Recovery?


Have you considered a career in Judgment Recovery?  If so, this is the book for you.  In it, you will find REAL WORLD examples of how you can make an exciting career in Judgment Recovery.  You will discover valuable information on operating your own Judgment Recovery business, full or part time.  You will be given practical and worthwhile tips and information to help you truly understand the essence of Judgment Recovery from a long-time professional.

in this NEW EDITION, we give you over 300 well documented, fact-filled pages that will help you be the better professional. 


Run your business full or part time from your home while learning new terms, concepts and strategies to buy, enforce and collect judgments.

Find out which 13 states don’t require a collection agency license.

Learn how to secure your office to get data from TransUnion TLO, Microbilt, IDI and other resources for your home-based business.

Write a business plan and take advantage of your business advisors, knowledgeable CPA, attorney, family and friends for honest and unbiased input about your business.  

Details Make the Difference!


 In the Complete Judgment Recovery Guidebook, you will find an impressive amount of information to not only help you run your own Judgment Recovery business, but the intricate details of why things are done as they are, to help you make your Judgment Recovery business a long lasting, prosperous and sustainable source of income for now and the future.   

Whether you live in the 37 states that require a collection agency license or the 13 that don't, this book is for you!

 The Guidebook is written for Judgment Recovery Professionals in:

• Alabama

• Alaska

• Arizona

• Arkansas

• California

•  Colorado

• Connecticut

• Delaware

• District of Columbia

• Florida

• Georgia

• Hawaii

• Idaho

• Illinois

• Indiana

• Iowa

• Kansas

• Kentucky

• Louisiana

• Maine

• Maryland

• Massachusetts

• Michigan

• Minnesota

• Mississippi

• Missouri

• Montana

• Nebraska

• Nevada

• New Hampshire

• New Jersey

• New Mexico

• New York

• North Carolina

• North Dakota

• Northern Marianas Islands

• Ohio

• Oklahoma

• Oregon

• Pennsylvania

• Puerto Rico

• Rhode Island

• South Carolina

• South Dakota

• Tennessee

• Texas

• Utah

• Vermont

• Virginia

• Washington

• West Virginia

• Wisconsin

• Wyoming 

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